A Little Behind The Meaning of The Unknown 1990

The Unknown 1990 was created based on a dream that is being chased moving forward within life. When brainstorming to select to right name for this website and blog, was a very tough task. With tons of hours in thought, The Unknown 1990 was pick together and created. Unknown was thrown into the mix because this site is geared to cover many different topics, point of views, material of content. To personalize this site 1990 was selected to be apart of the name to represent the sites Founder & CEO, Travon James. Rest assure people The Unknown 1990 is set out on a mission to take one the world.

Travon James

Fall_LB_1Founder & CEO of The Unknown 1990

“This site is for the vibrant colorful individuals. For those who are open minded to many different things and experiences. For those who want to speak their mind or hear someone else. This website will be the voice of the people.”

— Travon James

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