13 Memes All About Barbie

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am secretly am obsessed with Barbie. She will always be the ultimate doll icon of all time. Not only is Barbie very famous and rich she’s also has a very humorous side. I put together a list of memes of Barbie that will make anyone laugh.

IMG_6193We all can relate to Barbie on this one, she nailed it!


Source: Memes.com

She’ll take your money, when she’s in need! Although this is pretty hilarious we all know Barbie is the bread winner. If anything Ken is the gold digger, “because shorty got a job, shorty got a car, shorty can pay her rent!” Shout-out to P!NK for that classic song. If you don’t believe me, Barbie said check the receipts.


Over the years Barbie has had to make some cosmetic enhancements to uphold her natural beauty which is her money maker. Let’s just say, that when it comes to Botox, Barbs gets a little carried away.


IMG_6194With Thanksgiving only a few months away, we will all be Carbie on the day of giving thanks. We feel you Barbs.


How accurate is this? People always post tag you in the photos you look a mess in.


Right though! She never gave Ken the answer he wanted. LOL



Source: Memecenter.com

Know your limits people! Barbie apparently finally agreed to go party with Ken and got white girl wasted. LOL!


Barbies version of “The Morning After.”


Good Barbie gone bad! Once you go Bad you don’t go back. Barbie must have took Ken up on another invitation to go party. HAHA!


The moral to the story is that even someone as perfect as Barbie, can end up going down the wrong path. PSA to all of our fans: “Stay in school, crack is whack, and Ken is a bad influence!”


Plain Jane Monday-Thursday, but Friday morning be like……!


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*Disclaimer: We The 1990 DO NOT claim to own any of the images above.*





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