Top 5 Best Beyoncé Music Videos


When it comes to King Bey, we all know that I am obsessed with her. I’m sure you probably already assumed that this blog would be overloaded of her. But yes, you assumed correctly, because Beyoncé is one of my all-time favorite entertainers. I came up with a Top 5 of my favorite music videos/songs to share with you. These videos are the ones that I instantly fell in love with at first site. I hope you all enjoy this packed list. It wasn’t easy when creating this list because let’s be right, Beyoncé does everything right!

1. Single Ladies

This Bob Fosse inspired video along with the song was such a genius idea. Beyoncé created so much out a studio, a dance number, two dancers and herself. The simplicity of the black and white video blows my mind. Single Ladies will forever go down in history as “one of the best videos of all time,” says Kanye West.

2. Run The World (Girls)

Run the World in my opinion was slept on. The girl power anthem had us all hype anything time the it came on. I love the choreography in this video and the different looks Beyoncé gave us from start to finish.

“Bey run this motha!”



3. Get Me Bodied

Being inspired from The Rich Man’s Frug scene from 1969’s very own musical Sweet Charity, the birth of Get Me Bodied was presented to us. This video is entertaining from start to finish highlighting some of Bob Fosse’s original choreography. Little sister Solange and band members of Destiny’s Child, Michelle and Kelly make a cameo in the video starring as Beyoncé’s three best friends. Thank God for them because Beyoncé has said that this song was created while thinking of them. No matter how old this song/video gets, every time I see or hear it, it’s almost as if its brand new all over again.

Below I also posted the Rich Man’s Frug so you can see and enjoy where the inspiration of Beyoncé’s genius idea to pay homage and recreate this visual dance masterpiece.

Also lets not forget how Bey teamed up with US First Lady Michelle Obama and transformed the song  into a campaign that aimed the fight against child obesity.

Hats off to you Queen Bey for reinventing this song into a mega flash dance that is tons of fun while supporting a great cause.

4. Crazy In Love

Crazy In Love for me was a very Iconic video of Bey’s breakthrough as a solo artist. The first time I heard the track it came on the radio. Then the video debuted and Beyoncé was just as great as before being in Destiny’s Child. But there was just something super refreshing about her being in a video by herself. Yes, Destiny’s Child will always be great, but it was about time. This video gave Beyoncé the coming out the closet exposure she was expected to get. Taking place mostly in Downtown Los Angeles, the video choreography and different scenes are attention grabbing. I personally love the opening walking scene and the ending dance scene. What part is your favorite?

If i had to nickname this video, I’d call it ‘The Birth of Sasha Fierce.’


5. Formation

This video is more than just a music video, it’s a statement piece. I know many people were upset at the fact that Beyoncé used this song to empower and embrace being black. Many took it as she was being pro black and anti-white which was never the case. However, she obviously had enough of people being silent and looking over the fact that us black folk have the right to be proud to be us and shouldn’t be ashamed of it nor be frowned upon or even killed for it. Even if you aren’t black this song should empower you to feel comfortable in your own skin no matter what. Way to go Bey, thank you for this song your black community and fans needed this.

I love how much real Beyoncé gave us in this video. Plus, shout out to one of my classmates Remi for making a huge appearance in this video. Do your thing man! That’s him on the right. e6449d5502179104a51b9d104db91609.1000x752x1

Easily this had to be on this list. Everyone will remember the day this video premiered as the day Beyoncé became a savage!


Surprised! We absolutely couldn’t forget Lemonade the entire second visual album! This was a masterpiece because Bey gave us all the Tea in Lemonade. I love this album and how she took us through all these emotions with her that may or may not be true. Whatever the case, we loved this story.


I hope you guys enjoyed this list all about Yoncé! Let me know if you’d like to read more stories like this. Feedback is always helpful, just leave a comment below. Thanks Guys!


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