The Battle of Large Senior: Coed

Watching the Large Coed teams compete against each other is very intense. I think what makes this division so amazing to watch is the number of boys you can have and the boundaries that are pushed. Every year I have predictions about who I think will win each division. Right now my money is on TGLC. However, this list is made up of the teams that I think will make top 5. These teams aren’t listed in any specific order so just enjoy as you go down the list.

1. Top Gun Jags Large Coed

In every dictionary, next to the definition of cheerleading should be the words Top Gun Large Coed. TGLC in my eyes are the perfect cheerleading team in the entire world. You just never know what to expect from them. I really couldn’t see myself being able to get through a Top Gun routine with the amount of athleticism it takes to pull off the show that they always present to us. Every single year they invent or introduce a new way to do things. Making their creativity is forever unmatched in this industry. After watching a TGLC routine, I always think to myself, “What did I just watch? What are they feeding these kids?” All hail Victor and Kristen Rosario and good luck at worlds TGLC! EAT!

Routine Highlights:

-The JARLI Basket

-High level difficulty of tumbling executed by most of team

-Seamless transitions and choreography

-The non-stop elite stunt (Say bye to the haters!!!!!)

-AJ Singleton throughout the entire routine

-LOVE the pyramid & Dance

2. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

I first fell in love with Cheetahs during the season of 2012 and have been obsessed with them ever since. Since falling in love with them, this team continues to transform season after season. Technique and execution continues to become more polished year after year, making Cheetahs one of the best of the best teams. The program of Cheer Athletics strives to become the greatest power house gym in the world, and that shows through Cheetahs. This seasons routine is one that could win them another World Championship. Good luck to you Cheetahs, make them work for it.

Routine Highlights:

-The creative entry into the first partner stunt

-Amount of difficult partner stunts (unassisted full around)

-Love the BWO into stunt

-The girl airplane swing before jumps

-Squad flexibility from flyers in elites

-ELITES and Pyramid


3. The California All-stars Cali Coed

Coming from the west side of the country, Cali coed brings that Cali swag and attitude. This team is always entertaining to watch with the diverse amounts of talented athletes highlighted. The combination of talent, attitude, and execution, Coed always comes in swinging letting this division know that they are not to be tried. Call me biased because I’m from the west coast but don’t count them out. If there’s a team who will surprise everyone at worlds, my bet is on Cali.

Routine Highlights:

-Seamless transitions

-Hand to hand partner stunt

-Center basket (Stephanie Sims)

-Pyramid (Always love their pyramids)

-All boy baskets during the dance

4. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

When it comes to Coed Elite, many count them out or don’t see them being competitive with the rest of this division. However, they seem to always keep up with the rest of the big dogs of this division. I love Coed Elites style that they bring to the battle. Another one of my favorite things about them is the high level of execution. Oh, and I know many people have stated that they didn’t like the double up 2-2-1 picture they created, but I think its super creative. That section to me is awesome and I love. Good luck to Coed Elite at The Cheerleading Worlds.

Routine Highlights:

-Double up to 2-2-1 picture

-BASKETS (I love CEA baskets)

-The front full ripple picture

-Pyramid & Dance

5. Stingray All-stars Steel

Many people sleep on Steel and I just don’t understand why. This team is incredible. The execution through-out this routine is so clean, which is something Stingray All-stars are known for. The high level that the males of the team stunt at is jaw dropping every year. When it comes to partner stunting they are the leaders of the pack. I love how they always display all the strong athlete’s girls and guys. I love the elite section and creative front walkover front walkover entry they went with. The V-formation really makes this section so visual and clean. Everyone knows that I usually always root for Cheetahs or TGLC, but secretly I want Stingray Steel to win.

Routine Highlights:

-Partner Stunts

-Front walkover front walker into Elites

-Asymmetrical routine choreography

-Second elite section

-Love the pyramid

Worlds is just a few weeks out and all Large Coed teams look hungry to be the best. Predictions say that TGLC will come out on top. Although it could be anybodies game. I think the team who hits the cleanest constantly two days in a row will be crowned the winner of this division. Do you have predictions of you own? Let us know by voting on the poll down below. I’d love to send the biggest good luck to all teams competing in this division.

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