The Battle of Large Senior All-Girl

Large Senior All girl is easily one of the most intense divisions to watch. It’s hard to have a favorite in this division since each team brings a different style to the mat. Watching these teams compete weekend after weekend, seeing that it could always be anybody’s game. These routines don’t only highlight to us great skill precision and technique, but are also jam packed with so much excitement and entertainment. These teams always leave us wanting more after the productions they put out.

1.  Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

Senior Elite to me is all about execution. I love how coordinated they always are. The choreography they have this season also takes them to another level, giving them more sass. Courtney Smith Pope is on a mission with this team season after season, and I love the innovations she contributes to the world of cheerleading.

Routine Highlights:

-The choreography throughout the routine

-Basket technique

-The opening sync running tumbling pass.

-The second elite section


2. Stingray All-stars Orange

Ever since Orange crush was in small all girl ive been a huge fan. These girls always go out and give us great technique. They always bring that Georgia in this case orange flavor to the equation. Their music is always on point and even before I ever see the routine I automatically know that I’m going to be in love. They always in my opinion have the best of the best execution in all areas. Watching this team season after season adding to their dynasty of national and world championship titles is fulfilling and I’ll probably never get tired of watching them win. Just like every year my bet is on Orange to take the worlds title. I guess you can say that I am super bias when it comes to Stingray Orange.

Routine Highlights:

-The technique displayed from start to finish

-Angel Rice’s 7 foot tall kick double pass.

-The quantity of high tumbling difficulty

-The music

-Jump section


3. World Cup Shooting Stars

I love to call Staws the theme team because they never disappoint when it comes to having a well thought out routine. This year’s theme is dance and everyone that knows me knows I have a huge background in dance. I love dance so much, so to see this routine highlighting dance and bring different dance styles to life really excites me. This is easily one of the best routines of the season. Very well thought out and entertaining to watch. I mean I never expect any less from our Jersey girls. Their stunts are amazing, like double up to immediate bow and arrow. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! They have the best elite section in this division this season. I’m in love with them. I feel like this team will shock everyone at worlds.

Routine Highlights:

-The dance theme

-Elite section (1st & 2nd)

-The dance

4. Maryland Twisters F5

I hands down always have love for F5!!!! The flavor that they bring to this division is right up my alley. These reigning champions have a lot to prove this season. I always feel like they are slept on every season. But these divas created the entire diva image and they still attack, and serve in this division. They always go against the grain of the norm and work it out. In my eyes if Tina Turner were to be a team or on one, she’d be on F5.

Routine Highlights:

-The amount of SASS.

-Elite section (Love the opposite arabesque)

-CENTER toe full & jumps girl.

5. Cheer Athletics Panthers

Panthers to me have always been one of my most favorite teams to watch. I really didn’t start watching them until Worlds 2011 which was when they were in the small all girl division. From there on out I’ve been super obsessed with them season after season routine after routine. BABS deliver the everything is bigger and better in Texas attitude. Being a part of the best of the best gym in the country, year after year you can see tremendous amounts of technique improvement. In my eyes, Cheer Athletics set the technique/execution standard in our industry. What I love most about this team is that they never back down from a cat fight.

Routine Highlights:

-The Choreography

-Quantity stunt


-Baskets & Pyramids

-THE MUSIC!!!! (I love the C! A! during the high to high stretches during the elite section)

I don’t know about you all but I cannot wait to see what happens at worlds in this division. Will I be paying 40 dollars to get into the Millhouse to watch this division? I most certainly will be!!!!!! Let me know if you are team Panthers, Orange, Senior Elite, Shooting Stars, or F5, by voting below. Who will be the crowned champion of the season 2017. Good luck to all teams in large senior, may the odds be in your favorite.

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