5 Influential African Americans of Black History

Throughout time, there were many different African Americans who have made contributions in making Black History what it stands for today. In the process of their journey to make change in the world, many sacrifices, obstacles, and hardships were faced. Honoring these people means so much in present day, being that their bravery makes a big difference for most African Americans and people in the opportunities we are grateful to hold in today’s America.

1. Name: Sojouner Truth

Lifespan: 1797- 1883

Known For: Abolitionist

Also known as Isabella Baumfree, noted speaker for both the abolitionist movement and the women’s rights movement.


2.Name: Booker T  Washington

Lifespan: 1856-1915

Known For: Political Leader, Educator, Author

One of the dominant figures in African-American history from 1890 to 1915; did much to improve the friendship and working relationship between the races.


3. Name: George Washington Carver

Lifespan: 1860-1943

Known For: Plant Scientist/Botanist

Taught former slaves farming techniques for self-sufficiency; known for suggesting hundreds of uses for the peanut, other plants.


4. Name: Madame C.J. Walker


Known For: First Woman Millionaire

Also known as Sarah Breedlove; founded the Madame C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company to sell hair care products and cosmetics.

Madam C.J. Walker Portrait

5. Name: W.E.B DuBois

Lifespan: 1868-1963

Known For: Civil Rights Activist, Sociologist, Historian, Writer, Editor, Poet, Freemason, Scholar

“Father of Pan-Africanism” with issues of segregation, political disenfranchisement. Believed that people of African descent should work together to battle.


Stay tuned for part two of 5 Influential African Americans of Black History. Continue to celebrate Black History and the path that has been created for many others.

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