4 Fashion Trends from The 90’s That Never Go Out of Style

The 90’s fashion era will always be one to remember. Many trends were set but only some still live on in present day. Personally what I love about 90’s fashion trends are the rebellious individual trendsetters who pushed the norm.  90’s fashion basically got its start during the late 80’s which was known as grunge fashion. The best part of all these trends is that you could wear them together. Any combination of these trends will give you the hipster style many want. Here are really big trends of the 90’s that you should always follow because they will never go out of style.

1. Denim

Musician Pharrell Williams & wife, Helen Lasichanh

Denim will forever be a trending fashion statement until the end of time. Since the first pair of denim jeans were made they have been a recurring trend ever since. Denim is the secret behind a strong fashion wardrobe. Denim can go with anything you pair it with, so when it comes to styling anything denim whether distressed or plain (jeans, jackets, shorts, skirts, overalls, hats, etc.), it is almost impossible to violate any fashion regulations. Just remember when in doubt denim it out.


2. Flannel Shirt

Flannels by Jac Venak

Even though flannel shirts originated in the 1980’s, this trend made a better impression in 90’s fashion. When flannels come to mind, we all think of the seasons Fall and Winter. However, there are no rules when it comes to this piece of clothing. In fact, flannels are in trend all seasons. Since this style of button up shirt became popular in the 90’s, it hasn’t left the fashion scene. The best thing about a flannel are the many ways you can wear it and all the different styles, patterns and colors that are available.

3. Doc Marten Combat Boots


Since Doc Martens emerged way back in 1960, they have been the go to combat boot. In the late 80’s & 90’s decade, this style of boot really took off within the fashion world. Many celebrities and other fashion icons wore Doc Martens paired with many of the trends on this list. Doc Martens today are just as popular as they once were. This boot was the factor in giving the grunge and punk style more of an edge. I don’t see them going out of style anytime soon, especially since they can literally be worn year around. So if you are looking for a nice pair of combat boots Doc Martens would be the best investment and the way to go.

4. Crop Top

Gigi Hadid

The crop top also known as the “Baby Tee” always seems to stick around in fashion. The original concept of the crop top was originated back in 1893. Which makes this trend way older than most of think or even imagined how long ago this trend was started. However, this trend became the most popular in the 90’s fashion era. Crop tops could be seen worn by both men and women making this trend unisex. Today they are mostly worn by women, though you may see some men pushing their fashion to the highest limits. I think what makes the crop top interesting is how you are able to show skin but also leave room for imagination. Crop tops are easy to style which is what makes them so easy to cling on to and here to stay for now.


These trends are great stand alone trends, that can also be styled together. Even with these items of clothing were made before the 90’s, they definitely had made their mark and are here to stay until well forever.



* The Unknown 1990 does not own any of the images that are featured in

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