Memes & Gifs All About Drake

We all love Drake and have been in love with him since his beginning days as young Jimmy Brooks. This artist has since then expanded his talents in the music industry. A lot of us forget about how funny Drake is, the man is hilarious. Here are some memes and gifs of Drake that will forever be remembered and the some of the funniest of all time.

Remember that one time when Madonna kissed Drake on stage at Coachella? How could we forget? Even though Drake claims that his reaction wasn’t a bad one but actually a good one. However, this gif will forever be gag worthy of capturing this twisted moment.

Source: Instagram

Did someone leave a bad taste in Drake’s mouth? LOL

Source: Tumblr

 The time Drake though he was putting Rihanna in check! Pretty sure the tables would be turned in this scenario. Ri is way to gangsta for that!

Source: Pinterest

Drakes face when you say you don’t have unlimited data.

Source: Twitter

When Drizzy caught Jay telling the story different from how it happened.

Source: Pinterest

Drake Malloy at Hogwarts scheming on the low.

Source: Drake’s Instagram

My Anacon-Drake don’t want none unless you got buns hun.

Source: Instagram

 It’s 11:11! Make a wish!

Source: Twitter

You dirty little liar! Explain how you forgot to invite me.

Source: Twitter

Operation Meek Mill takedown.

Source: Twitter

When you’ve killed someone in your head multiple times over and over again. LOL!

Source: Instagram

Even though you should always share your fries, sometimes you just don’t want to.

Source: Pinterest

Hey better in than out right? LOL!

Source: Pinterest

But Drake before you get too comfortable, just remember there’s a Kanye West.


With there being thousands of Drake memes out there, send us ones that you think are legendary worthy. We want to know so send us a message!


All memes and gifs were found through the internet. I do not own the rights to any of these medias.

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